Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stardoll's Top MeDoll - Ruubin

Well, holler their VVA'ers..
So, in our very first 'STM' post we're going to talk about well known Selena a.k.a Ruubin..
Let's start of with her creative MeDoll, Selena is known for her safe and classic style and S sure looks classy and sexy, don't you think?!
-Yeah, I'm bad at drawing hearts on paint, get over it-

BUT, when it comes to attitude S quite well.. a bitch sometimes. She's very known for her history with Jack (Freeduck_), Perez (PerezStarGossip), and of course her well known blog BFM, where she ended a lot of friendships with some previous writers. When it comes to S, she's either nice or mean. There's no middle, or in-between. It's either love, or hate. She's also been known for being such a drama queen, with her Yvonneelise shit, which she's done with Jack, and a lot of other stuff that I'm way too lazy to get into.

I don't really want to get into Jack and Selena's gossip and fight because that's just old bullshit, right!?
Anyways, well S, we love you no matter what you do. Stay sexy and beautiful.

So, what do you think of S, pretty, horrible, a bitch, a sweetheart etc...? I'd be interested to know you guys' opinions.

P.S. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE OFFENSIVE IN ANY WAY OR FORM. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS TO HEART. Sorry for the caps, but I had to make sure everybody reads this before they comment.

I love you, nope not you, you.

~XO, Kendall

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