Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Over Her Dead Body...?

Hey sexy people! 
It's 3PM in the morning :D
Happy Halloween..
I went to a few Halloween parties, and stole quarter... OK fine, you caught me half of my brother's candy.. What did you do?

By the way since when did Stardoll start selling naked statues....?!

You might aswell just guess where I found this?! Lmfao.
Speaking of sex, did you hear about Kim Kardashian getting divorced after 72 days of marriage? I know right! 2 months, wow they must have paid her like.. a million something dollars. 

We all know Noelle_Page, no?! I don't blame you she hasn't been on since 192098327432 years... Here's a reminder to freshen up your mind...
Yeah her. Now I think a lot of our elites had to learn the hard way that sadly, when go to make yourself a future someone will take over your present..
A good example is Eliteprotect, whom certainly doesn't seem much of a protect really, when I was visiting Zoe_Couture something catched my eye, Eliteprotect wrote her a GB comment.  But instead of her usual little comments trying to befriend elites, I found a rather surprising massage....
I didn't know that Noelle was a fashion designer...?!
Then I went to visit Elite-Girl, a.k.a L and E posted the exact same message but she added something else..
All I have to say is... QUESTION MARK.

Some people including myself are surprised such as...
I never thought I'd say this, but.. Jack IS right.
A little advice, E don't mess with the queen.. Because you'll loose before you know it.

Do you really think that N is dead?!
Or do you just think that it's E's way of being a famewhore?!
Trick, or treat?


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  1. :D OMG! Your so funny! :) Haha! Great post! ;o I hope she's not dead!